Review an online post

Who are we looking for?

If you are a student or junior doctor interested in promoting quality science communication among your peers, you can register as an AMP-Student Online Posts’ Reviewer. All you need to do is to register on the form below,  so we can send you online posts that have been submitted to the AMP-Student (either in Portuguese or in English, or both).

Reviewing process – how does it work?

As a reviewer, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation form for the online post we will send you, bearing in mind the AMP-Student criteria below. By doing so, you will be advising the editors, who are responsible for making the final decision (accept / accept with changes / reject).

You should give detailed comments (with references, as far as possible) that will help not only the editors to make a decision but also the authors to improve the online post.  Note that the criteria offered are not exhaustive, but simply a set of guidelines. You do not need to check spelling and grammar as this is part of our editing process.

Please remember, the post text is confidential until published and this is a blind process. Authors should not contact those whom they presume to be reviewers of their posts, neither reviewers should contact the presumed authors. Should any questions arise please contact our editorial team.

What are the criteria?

  1. Is this an important subject for students and junior doctors?
  2. Does the online post meet originality and novelty criteria? Has a similar article been published before?
  3. What are the main claims of the online post and how significant/useful are they?
  4. Are the claims properly placed in the context of published literature?
  5. Is the information accurate? Does the evidence support the claims?
  6. Are there any glaring omissions? Would any additional information improve the online post?
  7. Is the online post clearly enough written so that it is understandable to non-specialists?
  8. Is the structure appopriate to the content?
  9. Are references up to date and relevant?
  10. Do you think it should be published as an online post in the AMP-Student website?